Understanding Mental Health Course – What is it?

People keep asking us why we recently added ‘Understanding Mental Health’ on to our course list. People understand that mental health is a worldwide problem and of course, want to help. But when we get down to the surface of their question, what they want to know is, if they actually need it in order to move forward in their role.

As real people who pride ourselves in being honest with all of our friends and course attendants, we will always promote the benefits of this new course (more so because there are no negatives). Is it a qualification that you must have? No, you do not currently have to have it for any role.

Can you add it on to your CV? Yes, most definitely.

The ‘Understanding Mental Health’ course is truly beneficial to anyone who works alongside other people as part of a team or in passing. Even for those who perhaps just socialise regularly or want to be more aware in case family and friends might be in need. The course can benefit everyone.

Our course offers 2-days of in depth information, training, experience, knowledge and resources to help you to work with, help, and understand others, and potentially, save someone’s life. Many mental health illnesses present themselves with the feelings of loneliness. Never has there been a time when people need to know they have someone by their side in a time of need, more than right now.

You can view the course elements on our Understanding Mental Health page.

In being true to you, we were asked to provide this course by people just like you and me and it made us realise that there was a massive need to educate people and offer the skills required, for people to help others. If you are in a role where you have a team who look to you for support and guidance, then we can help to equip you in this field, to ensure that you can do just that. Email us on info@southwesthealthandsafety.com or call us on +44 (0)1264 874466 with any questions you may have.


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