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NEBOSH General Certificate Exam Booking

NEBOSH exams are now taken online and from the comfort of your own home or any location that you choose.

We have created this page to give you all. the relevant information on the NEBOSH NG1 Exam to help plan your with your NEBOSH studies.


What is the NEBOSH Open Book Exam

An open book examination (OBE) enables you to sit your NEBOSH assessment on your own, usually in your own home or another suitable location where you are able to concentrate fully on the OBE. Once you have booked and paid for your exam you will be emailed by NEBOSH with the required links for your assessment and you then will have 24 hours to complete it and upload it to the link that you gained access to the OBE.

How hard is it to pass the NEBOSH exam

Do not think that an OBE is an easy alternative to invigilated examinations; NEBOSH is trusted by organisations around the world to provide relevant and rigorous qualifications and assessments. The questions you’ll be asked will be different to those in our previous closed book examinations. You will be presented with a scenario that describes a realistic workplace and situation. You will then be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence presented in the scenario, as well as the underpinning knowledge you have gained through your studies and revision.

What type questions are ask during a NEBOSH Exam?

You can expect to see questions that ask What? Could? How? Why? and Where? These will not only assess what you know but what you can do with that knowledge; our examiners will be looking for you to demonstrate analytical, evaluation and creative skills as well as critical thinking.

Whatever format the question, it will relate to the syllabus and learning outcomes of your qualification.

To help you during the open book examination you can use resources such as notes, textbooks, learning materials and online resources. It’s important to remember that cutting and pasting from a textbook or online resource will not provide you with a good answer – you will need to really understand the topic and apply your understanding to the scenario given in the question paper.

How is the NEBOSH National Generate Certificate course assessed?

To achieve this NEBOSH qualification, candidates must pass an Open Book Assessment (NG1) and the practical assessment (NG2) carried out in the candidate’s own workplace.

  • Unit NG 1 is assessed by way of an Open Book Examination

Further information about open book exams is available in the NEBOSH Learner Guide – OBE.

  • Unit NG 2 is assessed by completing a Risk Assessment at your place of work within a ten-days of the Examination date.

Candidates need to have completed both parts of the qualification within five years of registration to gain the full qualification.


What is the NEBOSH OBE process?

You will be sent your login details for the NEBOSH online exam portal around 3 days before your exam date. This will arrive by email directly from NEBOSH.  Once you have received the login details we recommend that you take the time to get to familiar with the platform.

What to expect on the NEBOSH OBE Exam Day

Your open book exam paper will be available from 11:00 UK time.  You will then have 24 hours to complete and submit your exam, although it is expected to take you around 4 – 6 hours to complete.

When are the NEBOSH Closing Interviews?

NEBOSH require that Learning Partners conduct Closing interviews, The interview are normally held a week after you have completed your exam, Southwest will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time for this.  The interview should last around 10 minutes and will be completed online through Microsoft Teams.

NEBOSH has a very strict approach to malpractice and plagiarism, the closing interview fulfills the NEBOSH requirement in ensuring that the learner is who they say they are but they have completed the work on their own.

What is the NEBOSH Closing Interview Process

Although the closing interviews are not an assessed part of the course NEBOSH will not publish your results if you do not attend.  We have a duty to inform NEBOSH if anyone fails to attend their open book interview or if we suspect malpractice.

The closing interview has some basic stages that need to be complete;

Southwest will need to ensure that you are who you say you are, you will be required to:

  • Show your identification (Passport, Driving Licence, Army ID card are acceptable)
  • Answer specific questions about your examination answers

NEBOSH provides a list of interview questions that are relevant to the examination paper that you completed. This is designed to check you have the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the answers you submitted on your paper.

(If you have not completed the exam on your own it will be very difficult to give accurate answers required)

On occasion NEBOSH may observes a selection of interviews AND will also check Closing Interview Record Sheets on any audits to ensure that we are conducting them correctly and fairly to our learners.

It’s important to note that the interview does not impact your marks for your exam paper.  The aim is to confirm your identity and make sure that it was you who completed the exam and that its your own work.

What do I do if I get a refer?

If you have received a refer in any part of your OBE or Practical please do not panic, there are various options that you can do;

If you get the email from NEBOSH and you find that  you have been unsuccessful in your NEBOSH exam, you have a number of options open to you;

  1. Re-mark your exam(s) – We would only recommended this if you are only a couple of marks out.
  2. Re-sit the exam(s) – Contact us if you would like to redo the exam.

The cost to resit your NG 1 exam will be £150 plus vat

More information can be found here

If you need any further information, please do get in touch.

Top Tips
Give yourself the greatest chance of success and make sure you are prepared before the day of your examination:
  • Study and revise your course materials
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand the topic so that you apply your knowledge to the unfamiliar scenario presented in the examination
  • Prepare an environment that: Is comfortable with a desk and chair; Has got room for your notes, books and other resources; Is free from distractions; Is well lit; Has a good internet connection available; Is not too hot or too cold.
  • Read through the resources provided below on this page
  • Familiarise yourself with the online examination platform before the day of your examination.
  • Registered learners will receive an email with instructions on how to do this and further information about the platform can be found in the Technical Learner Guide in the Resources section below.

NG 2 – Practical Assessment

Delegates need to complete a Risk Assessment and Written Management Report which is submitted to Southwest for upload to the NEBOSH Learning Partner portal and then marked directly NEBOSH.

  • Unit NG 2 is assessed by completing a Risk Assessment at your place of work within a ten-days of the Examination date.

The  unit requires learners to produce a general risk assessment based on a workplace. This includes:

  • Profiling and prioritising risks
  • Inspecting the workplace
  • Recognising a range of common hazards
  • Evaluating risks and (taking account of current controls)
  • Recommending further control measures and planning actions

The risk assessment demonstrates that you can put into practice what you have learnt from the NG 2 part of the course, you will be assessed on your ability to apply the skills and knowledge to a wide range of issues from your own workplace and the ability to apply the moral, legal and financial arguments and be able to justify 3 priority actions that will  deliver positive change to your workplace.

The cost is £105 plus vat


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