Classroom Learning vs Online Learning - which one do you choose?

Classroom vs Online Learning – which one should you choose?

Here at Southwest Health and Safety Training, we offer both classroom and online learning options for our health and safety courses. But which one is best for you?

Classroom learning and online learning each have different pros and cons. When reviewing which one to select, it is important to take into account your work commitments, time, money and learning style.

Pros of classroom learning

1. More likely to complete the course – The classroom setting means you have to follow the course schedule and complete tasks there and then. You also have the training over a set period. For someone who may be easily distracted, this is a massive plus. Online learning is dependent on the individual committing their personal time within their schedule and therefore could take longer to complete.

2. Support in real-time – You can ask questions and get feedback in real time from both your trainer and fellow peers which is hugely beneficial.

3. Networking opportunities – Being in a training room with other health and safety professionals would allow you to network, share your experiences, learn from each other and also make friends.

4. Time out the office – Maybe you’d like a day out of the office to go and learn something new that will benefit your career. If so, classroom is for you.

Cons of classroom learning

1. More expensive – Classroom courses cost more than online and therefore if budget is a constraint, online may be better.

2. Held in specific venues at specific time – When taking classroom courses, you have to stick to the providers training schedule and locations.

3. Travelling – Depending on how near the venue is, you may have to travel and some people may find this stressful.

Pros of online learning

1. Study when you want – Online allows you to work flexibly in your own time at your own pace. The course will be accessible 247 and therefore if you have other commitments like a family, it can work around these.

2. Cost – Online is cheaper than classroom. You also benefit from not having to pay travel or parking costs.

3. No travel time – Because online courses can be taken from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to travel anywhere which will save you time.

4. No time out of work – Work may be really busy and taking time out for a course may be difficult. Online would allow you to study around your full time job.

Cons of online learning

1. Less tutor support – If you are someone who needs a lot of tutor support then the classroom is probably better for you. An online course will allow you to email a tutor for support, however classroom allows you to ask questions in real time and get answers immediately.

 2. Difficult to form a real connection with peers – Due to the lack of ability to read tone of voice and body language, you may not be able to bond with peers like you can in person.

 3. Requires commitment and motivation – If you are someone who struggles to motivate yourself during study, and is easily distracted, then online may be difficult. It also has the possibility for a lot of distractions to interfere with your study.

Weighing up the pros and cons of online and classroom learning will give you a clearer idea of the type of course that would suit you allowing you to make the best choice for your study.

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