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Armed Forces

ELCAS funded NEBOSH courses for UK Armed Forces and Veterans

Are you eligible?

Southwest Health and Safety are delighted to support and work in conjunction with Woodward SHE Ltd in providing ELCAS funded training to the Salisbury Plain area, enabling Woodward to provide training to the entire south coast region and beyond.  Woodward SHE Ltd currently deliver training in Catterick Garrison, with exceptional results and with an average ELC evaluation score of 97%, ensuring you are getting quality training by a training provider that has a true understanding of military service leavers.  Woodward SHE Ltd guarantees that every delegate gets quality training and value for money on all packages they provide.
Woodward SHE Ltd delivered their first NEBOSH National General Certificate resettlement course for Service Leavers at Catterick Garrison in March 1993, and then Aldershot in November 1994; building on their success, without compromising on the service you, as delegates, receive.
Woodward SHE Ltd offer a selection of competitive packages enabling service leavers to combine NEBOSH Certificate level qualifications into one ELC claim, thereby making the most out of your available resettlement entitlement.


For more information on specific NEBOSH certificate courses Woodward SHE Ltd offer, please click on the links below:

Next course dates;

Location - Tidworth

NEBOSH National General Certificate

NGC 1 – Monday 29 October 2018 to Friday 02 November 2018
GC 2 – Monday 05 November 2018 to Friday 09 November 2018
Revision/Exam: Wednesday 14 November 2018 and Thursday 15 November 2018 

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction

NCC 1 – Monday 19 November 2018 to Friday 23 November 2018

NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety

FCC 1 – Monday 26 November 2018 to Friday 30 November 2018

Can I use ELCs on NEBOSH training?

If you are a serving member or a veteran of the Armed Forces, dependent on your length of service you can :

Make a claim of up to £1000 (Lower Tier) or £2000 (Higher Tier – 8 years’ service)
Claim up to 3 times provided they are in separate financial years
You can also claim for multiple courses, provided they are like for like and with the same provider


You must provide an individual contribution of  20% of the course fees (ELCs will cover the remaining 80% of the total cost)

What do I do next?

Use your ELC funding to succeed in NEBOSH qualifications

Speak to the team at either Southwest Health and Safety Ltd or Woodward SHE Ltd, who can help you decide which course and learning method is best for you, by calling 01264 848908 or contact Woodward SHE Ltd 

Complete an ELC claim form on the ELCAS website at least 25 days before the course begins.
When this form is approved, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) from ELCAS which you must send to your Woodward course advisor as soon as possible.
Complete the Woodward booking form for the NEBOSH course(s) you have received ELC funding for


More information and must read information can be found on the ELCAS website 

ELCAS - Frequently asked Questions


Q. I have had a break in service and am registered with ELCAS. Which form do I need to complete?


A. You are required to complete the Interrupted Service Supplementary Form, this can be found in the downloads section of the website.  You are required to enter all periods of eligible service and then this form must be signed by your Educational Officer if serving or your Single Service Representative if you are no longer in service.


Q. Who signs my Enhanced Learning Credits claim form when I have left the Services?


A. As a service leaver part five of your claim form must be completed by the Single Service Representative, you can find their contact details and address on theService Leaver-Claiming ELC page of the website.


Q. How do I know which tier I am eligible to claim?


A. For the lower tier of funding you are required to have completed a minimum of four years eligible service prior to 1st April 2017 or not less than six years eligible service if you enlisted on or after the 1st April 2013. Therefore you were required to still be serving as of 01/04/2004 to claim at this tier. For higher tier claims you are required to complete a minimum of eight years eligible service.


Q. What is the lower or higher tier?


A. On the lower tier of funding you are entitled to claim 80% of the cost of a Level three or above course up to the maximum of £1000.00. For the higher tier this is up to £2000.00 per ELC claim. 


Q. How many claims in total can I make?


A. You are entitled to make a maximum of three ELC claims in total, but only one ELC claim per financial year.


Q. When does the financial year run from?


A. The financial year runs from 1 April – 31 March, with regards to claiming it depends on your course start date with regards to which year of funding your claim comes out of. E.g. If the course start date was 31/03/2009 this claim would come out of financial year 08/09 which means after 01/04/2009 you would be able to claim again for a course starting in financial year 09/10.


Q. I have been unable to proceed with my course. How do I cancel my claim?


A. You must refer to your Education Officer to explain the reasons for withdrawal and check with ELCAS whether MOD have made a payment to the provider. If the MOD have not yet paid any money to the provider you can apply to cancel the claim. You must first obtain written confirmation from the provider that they do not intend to invoice for the amount due from the MOD. Please click here to obtain the cancellation form which should be completed and sent to your education officer for approval. If the provider has already submitted an invoice to the MOD you can apply for reinstatement. Please click here to obtain the reinstatement form which should be completed and sent to your education officer. The MOD will consider fully your reasons for withdrawal before deciding whether to reinstate your claim.


Q. How can I find out if my course is Level three or above?


A. You can check with the provider who should be able to advise you and provide proof of the Level of the course.


Q. Can I claim for a course which I have already paid for?


A. No, under the scheme rules retrospective claims are not permitted.


Q. I’ve left the services by when must I submit my final claim?


A. Your final claim must be submitted before the 10th anniversary of your last day of service if you left before 1st April 2011. If you left betwen 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2016 (both dates inclusive), they will expire on 31st March 2021.  If you left as of 1st April 2016 or later, they expire on the 5th anniversary of your last day of service.  The course MUST start before this date.  


Q. I have received a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) but my course details have changed. How do I get a new CAN.


A. You should check the section ‘Amending/Cancelling/Reinstating’ a claim. If your claim can be amended you must refer to your MOD authorising party ie. Education Officer if you are still in service or Single Service Representative if you are a Service Leaver.


Q. How do I find a learning provider?


A. You can check the list of providers by clicking on ‘Searching for a Learning Provider’ on the Serving Personnel or Service Leaver pages of the website.


Q. The learning provider I want to use isn’t registered. Can I still put in a claim?  


A. Under the rules of the ELC scheme you may only use a provider who have been approved by the MOD and appear on the approved provider list. In the first instance you should check the list carefully using the search options available. If you are unable to find a suitable provider on the current list you may ask a new provider to apply however they must follow the full application process and must meet all of the ELC scheme criteria in order to gain approval. You should note that the application process can take up to four months and you would not be able to submit a claim until the provider has gained a positive decision from the MOD.