About Us

Southwest Health and Safety Training Ltd was started in 2016, the brain child of Andrew O’Donnell. Following a successful 22-year career in the Armed Forces, Andrew found that there was a gap in the market for a high-quality health and safety training provider that was also affordable.  The initial business model was to provide health and safety training to other soldiers, dependants and his local community.  This idea has expanded in the two years that have followed; we now offer fully accredited Health and Safety related courses, medical courses to the Armed Forces, CPD Organisations, national businesses, the construction industry and single booking students.
Our growth can also be measured in the bespoke solutions we are able to offer our clients, including a consultancy service. Offering a personalised, professional approach is at the heart of everything we do.
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We are a training provider you can trust

We are committed to only employing the best; recruiting our training staff based on their experience, qualifications and desire to develop our students.  It’s these principles that have enabled us to grow rapidly yet still offer a professional and affordable service that can always be tailored to your needs.

To be a Centre for excellence; a premium provider of health, safety and bespoke training solutions, within the UK; Provide a service from strategy through to implementation and on-going support