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NEBOSH Courses

NEBOSH courses very well-known qualifications within the Health and Safety profession and are often seen as the go to safety training course for people getting into the health and safety profession with National General Certificate seen as the qualification that is desired by most employers.

There has been some really good research around the types of jobs currently being advertised that require a NEBOSH Certificate as the essential criteria for applicants.

For example on the job’s website www.indeed.co.uk  there was over 3100 jobs listed that had NEBOSH Qualifications as the preferred qualification.

This means for that the NEBOSH Certificate is a very valuable qualification to have as health and safety professional no matter what stages of a career they are at and not just the beginning.

What are the NEBOSH Course costs…….

The NEBOSH qualifications have various cost associated but we sit in the middle of the scale for cost meaning when compare against many of the other providers we sit at the cheaper end of the scale.

The nebosh safety qualification doesn’t expire at all, meaning it is a lifetime qualification, we always recommend to always conduct CPD to maintain your knowledge and keep up to date with legislation changes.

The course is 10 days of training, That includes an Open Book Examination and Practical Risk Assessment that is completed in your own workplace.

What will I get from a NEBOSH Qualification…….

The knowledge the NEBOSH course provides ensures that delegates have a great starting knowledge of health and safety requirements and a good understanding of  health and safety laws, when you look at the cost of the course it is insignificant when compared with the cost of legal costs, court fees and fines if a company was found to be negligent.

The National General Certificate gives a great understanding of how to conduct a risk assessment that is relevant and legally compliant and helps in preventing accidents at work, this then gives your business protection against the risk of personal injury claims for staff and sickness absence due to injuries at work.


NEBOSH Courses Southwest Health & Safety Training

Complete your nebosh course and learn how to complete safety procedures.

Holding a NEBOSH Certificate will also open up options for working as a Self-Employed health and safety consultant to any businesses which also includes new start up business along with the more established companies out there. earnings from growing a client base and leveraging a team of similarly self-employed consultants.

We see little reason why you should not invest in a short NEBOSH training course either for you or anyone who is serious about a long term career in Health and Safety.

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